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The Single Most Important Part of Good Sleep and Life

If you haven't run into the detrimental effects of an overtired baby you will soon. It shows up for everyone at some point because despite our best efforts, life just happens and with it we get an overtired baby. Being overtired makes sleep more difficult and awake hours harder. Let me share some of the signs of an overtired baby or toddler:

Trouble falling asleep

Short naps

Frequent nighttime wakeups

Early morning wakeups

Increased grumpiness, tantrums, and meltdowns

Clingy during the day

Decreased appetite

Crashing in the late afternoon

Delaying bedtime or naps

Extreme shyness or separation anxiety

And to be honest the list could go on and on. Clearly you can see it's not fun. Now let me share with you the good part! Babies and toddlers really do love to be well rested. They love their sleep and getting good sleep is so beneficial for them. If your baby or toddler is struggling to get enough sleep then two techniques can turn this around for you and them.

First, make sure your child is on an appropriate sleep schedule. However, knowing how long your baby can handle being awake, how many naps to take, when to transition to less naps and when to do bedtime is hard to figure out! That's why I created my Master Nap and Schedule Guide! I wanted you to have the best (and easy to understand) sleep schedule information at your fingertips. No more searching IG for each age and a sample schedule (though if that's your thing you should get a pretty good head start with my nap highlight).

Second, sleep training can help your child get the sleep they need because they won't be dependent on hard to recreate or maintain circumstances for sleep to come. Guess what? I have guides for this one too. It's no coincidence that the two best ways to help overtiredness are also the first guides I created. It's that big of a deal.

Almost every client I work with is struggling to get their child enough sleep. They are overtired and it shows: sleep is hard to come by. I finally wrote up a blog post explaining how I do a recovery period when my children are a bit sleep deprived. And trust me when I say you will want to check it out! Click here.


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