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Exhausted Mama, No More!
Newborn Sleep eCourse

A newborn sleep course for expectant parents and babies 12 weeks and younger. This course is designed by a marriage and family therapist with attachment in mind. This is a no cry, needs focused course designed for the bottle or nursing mother. This course will provide you the flexibility to find the right sleep solution for your home whether you are looking for independent sleep or want to co-sleep. 



Ever since I went to the newborn workshop it has saved my sleeping life. My baby girl who once woke up every 2 hours at night and took 25 minute naps, now sleeps through the night and sometimes wakes up only once and takes 2 hour naps!! Yes I said 2 hour naps!! She falls asleep on her own without me putting herself to sleep and it’s been been amazing! She is now my good sleeper!


This course was life changing! I implemented the methods right away and within just a few days my baby was falling asleep on her own when I would lay her down. No crying, no constant bouncing or nursing to sleep. She felt secure and happy and was able to go to sleep easily. As a mama of 3 I need my baby to easily fall asleep as I’m juggling a million other things. Our attachment is still so strong too! Every mom needs to try it. It builds healthy sleep habits for both mom and baby and allows you to keep that connection too.


Marietta is a wealth of knowledge and the guidance she gave on how to set up newborns for successful sleep is INVALUABLE in my opinion. I can't stress enough how much I wish I had had this resource before my first baby. Although I attended this workshop shortly after having my third baby, I still learned a TON. Marietta's suggestions on helping my newborn fall asleep in his own space without having to be held or rocked/nursed to sleep were SO helpful! I recommend this content for ALL moms!

Strengthen your attachment with your newborn.

Understand the needs of your baby and how to meet them.

Find the right sleep solution for your home and your family, doing it your way.

Eliminate day to day fussiness.

Organize your nights and days for optimal sleep. 

Find the right feeding and sleep schedules to get you into a good routine.

Practice safe sleep practices whether co-sleeping or crib sleeping.

Establish healthy sleep foundations that will extend past 16 weeks. 

Create the perfect sleep environment and unbreakable swaddle. 

Gain confidence as a newborn parent.


This eCourse will help you...


Meet Marietta Paxson
Founder of Little Dreamers 

Professionally, I am Marriage and Family Therapist as well as Baby Sleep Consultant.


Personally I am mom to four, including twins. I have personally  struggled with postpartum anxiety and exhaustion and understand first hand how critical good sleep is for both the well-being of Mama and baby. I believe sleep is foundational to all other aspects of our life and health. It is my mission to help mothers get the sleep they need to not just survive, but to really thrive as mothers and individuals.

I believe that good newborn sleep is attainable with my no-cry, attachment focused course. Newborns are meant to be cuddled and loved on and they are also meant to sleep. Just like you feed your newborn to meet their dietary needs, I will teach you what you need to know to meet the sleep needs of your infant. 

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