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My baby would not fall asleep on his own. I was holding him two out of three of his naps, it took sometimes an hour to lay him down for the night, and he woke up around 3 times a night. My baby now goes to bed for the night around 6-7 and my husband and I have the whole night to ourselves. He falls asleep on his own every nap and bedtime and with no binky!! (yes that means I don't have to go in throughout the night to put it back in!) and at the most he wakes up once to eat. Because he sleeps so well on his own now, I miss him like crazy! So when he wakes up all we want to do is play with him all day. He has always been such a happy baby, I didn't think he could be happier, but now that he gets the sleep he needs he honestly is happier! I didn’t realize how much sleep he was missing out on. Little Dreamers helped me be a better mom and a better wife because I am now getting the sleep I need to function, and have time to get things done during his naps.

5 Month Old Sleep Trains in One Night

McKall and Otto

Clearing the Emotional Baggage


Our little guy was never the best sleeper but around 2 years old things seemed to become extra difficult. Our bedtime routine would often start at 8:30pm and end close to 11pm. And we would need to stay awake even longer to get our homework done. We would often resort to driving our son around, desperately trying to lull him to sleep at a reasonable hour. After a couple months of this madness, we were all cranky and none of us were getting the sleep we needed.

One particularly bad night, we had enough and searched online for help. We found Little Dreamers and our world has been changed. We chose the Gold Package because we were certain we would need some handholding through process and it was worth every penny. We learned that we had some emotional baggage with sleep which prevented us from creating proper boundaries around sleep. Marietta gave us the confidence to implement a sleep plan even through the tears. She fined tuned our daily schedule to help sleep come easier. She was able to help us work through some tricky situations too, like when our son falls asleep too early. Our sleep routine now takes about 30 mins most nights and we are all well-slept and so much happier.

Get Your Silent Nights Back


For Christmas 2016, we announced we were pregnant and not going to have anymore "Silent Night's". What I didn't realize is that that would become our reality after the 4  month sleep regression. During the regression I pulled out all the tricks and sadly stuck with those tricks and (not so good) habits after the sleep regression. At 6 months, I had had enough and needed help! I contacted Little Dreamers and within a week, we were full on sleep training! The Silver Plan that we purchased provided four phone call consultations that were so nice to have to reassure us that everything was going right. Little Dreamers made baby, mom and dad all happy and got everyone sleeping again! Our little man naps and sleeps so good now! You too can have your "Silent Night's" back with Little Dreamers help!

Helped With So Much More than Sleep


I have a very stubborn 2 year old. I was at my limit on sanity from lack of sleep when I first met Marietta. My 2 year old daughter was waking ever few hours during the night to breastfeed or be put back to sleep, and we were still co-sleeping. She also wasn’t going to bed some nights until 11pm or at our worst, 4am. I wasn’t getting any sleep and the days of my cranky toddler were terrifying. I selected the more personalized sleep plan package, because I had such a special situation with my daughter (she sleeps in my bed in the same room and still breastfed at age 2, and I also work night shifts so I have a sitter take over some nights during the week. So sleep is pretty wacky in my home.) She was able to get my little one into her own bed, and sleeping most of the night with the occasional waking up once. Her sleep training methods helped me in not only my daughter’s sleep, but I was also able to wean her from breastfeeding, and potty train her with the same methods! I was able to take control over my parenting of a two year old, and get some sleep along with sanity. Thank you Marietta, you are great.

Sceptic Husband Turned Believer


Can't say enough good things about our experience! My husband was hesitant about spending the money but now he is the one telling his coworkers and friends about our great experience. Our baby is sleeping through the night and this mama is getting needed rest! Marietta listened to our needs, created a great plan, but most importantly was encouraging and available through the whole process. I needed the mental permission to sleep train my baby and she did that for me. I realized I was the one getting in his way of sleeping like he was capable of. Life changing! Thank you!

6 Months and Sleep Deprived


"Hiring Marietta was the best decision we made for our six month old. She was having the hardest time going and staying asleep. She wanted to only be held and rocked to sleep. We were both only sleeping a couple of hours at night and naps were so short and sometimes not at all. I was totally burnt out and disconnected. I didn’t hesitate to pay for the package and have the sleep plan designed for us. Marietta was so helpful and calm. Having someone to talk me through the training and answer any texts or calls I had was amazing and so convenient. The emotional support through the process was exactly what I needed. I work full time and my daughter goes to a babysitter. I was worried about my daughter regressing because she was in a different place to nap during the day. Marietta was so supportive to me during that time and was extremely supportive to the babysitter. She would text her those days and help her continue sleep training my daughter even away from home. Marietta went above and beyond to help bring our family healthy sleep and we could not be more grateful! We love Little Dreamers!"

Co-Sleeping Transition

Kayleigh Winsor

The help we received from Marietta of Little Dreamers has been so valuable! My son was co-sleeping with us in our bed and we had to lay down with him any time he needed to fall asleep. It was torturous! But Marietta gave us some options and after we picked our method of getting him to sleep she sent us a detailed sleep plan. My son is now sleeping in his crib, something he's never done before in his 18 months of life, falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night. It has helped my husband and I get better sleep and we all have a more consistent schedule. I can't believe I waited so long to do this! The help Marietta has provided us is invaluable and I've been telling everyone I can about Little Dreamers!

Dreaded 20 Minute Nap/Night Wakeups

Dani and baby Mac

My sweet baby boy, was not sleeping. And when I say not sleeping, I mean I was lucky if he took two 20 minutes naps and he woke up 5 times a night. A neighbor recommended Little Dreamers, and it took me a few weeks to come around to the idea. After my 15 minute consultation, Marietta was so nice, positive, and easy to talk to I knew this was the direction I needed to take for both my son and I to get the sleep that we needed. It took a few days and a lot of crying, from both of us.  We even had to readjust his schedule half way through. Marietta was their at every step with a text, phone call, or even a visit if needed. Over the course of those two weeks he slowly but surely took to it with every nap growing longer and crying time getting shorter and shorter. HIs naps are at least an hour long and he is sleeping through the night! Little Dreamers really allowed me to gain control of our sleeping again. Not just with my baby, but also with my toddler. It's a huge improvement and getting better everyday. Marietta was extremely kind and professionally friendly. It felt more as if she was a friend than a therapist. I am so happy that Little Dreamers was able to help my family through the struggle of sleeping. I would most highly recommend her.

Two Toddlers Sharing a Room

Andrea Jones

"Since I had my second daughter, I have always dreaded bedtime. My two daughters share a room. My oldest is 3 and my youngest just turned 1. I was trying to get my younger daughter to bed first at around 7:30 and then get my oldest daughter to bed about 8-8:30. The problem was that she would end up not falling alseep until 9-9:30pm.  She fought sleep sooooo much. She never wanted to go to bed and would always throw a fit, like screaming, kicking, hitting. It was terrible and by the time she eventually did fall asleep I was exhausted and so frustrated. I was at the point of getting so mad and not dealing with bedtime very well. I knew we needed a change. I contacted Marietta with Little Dreamers and got her advice.  After following her suggestions, I now have both daughters in bed and asleep by 8 p.m. without any of the bedtime tantrums and struggles I was experiencing previously.  This mama gets her alone time and much needed sleep and is better mom because of it. Thank you Little Dreamers!!"

One Bedroom Apartment

Jennifer Killpack

Little Dreamers is well worth it because just like your baby is unique, so will be your sleep plan, as it is perfectly tailored to YOUR specific babe. We live in a one-bedroom apartment and the sleep plan was made to work with our circumstance. Also, how awesome is this that as my babe got older and her sleep changed, Little Dreamers helped us know what to adjust and get good sleep again. Little Dreamers is fast responding to any questions/concerns (and all the celebrations) you have along the way and will help you have the tools you need to get to successful sleeping. My experience has increased our confidence as parents to meet the needs of our baby. Don't lose anymore unnecessary sleep! You and your babe can do this! Woo!

7 Month Old

Brynne Wise

Little Dreamers CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I was totally getting to that point as a mom where I loved my son, but I didn't like him. And I HATED that feeling! He was 7 months old, and still waking up VERY frequently throughout the night. His naps were inconsistent, and I felt like I could never go anywhere or do anything because I had no idea when he would be asleep/tired, and when he wouldn't.

In a moment of exasperated frustration, I reached out to Little Dreamers and asked for her help. Not only did she help, but she changed my life. And my son's life. And my husband's life! She was available for me ANY time I had questions! She didn't judge, she didn't mock, she didn't think my questions were stupid, she just loved, and lifted and helped! And after THREE nights, he was sleeping 7 hours straight!! And 12 hours total (still wakes up for one feeding a night after about 7 hours, then sleeps for another 5).


Little Dreamers knows their stuff! And is willing to put in the work and time necessary to help you get the sleep you need so that you both love AND like your little one! Life is SOOO much better now! And I am SOOO grateful!

4 Year Old Sleeping with Mom and Dad

Jimena Hodson

Our daughter has always been… clingy. Really, In her 3-years of life she has only slept all night in her own bed twice! We knew we had to get her in her own bed. Every night we would get her to fall asleep in our bed and then would carry her over to hers, only to have her return about an hour later and take up our whole bed… needless to say, every night she got bigger and we slept worse.

Then we talked to Little Dreamers and she worked out a plan that matched our daughter’s needs specifically. We were able to discuss all the details she needed to create a tailor-fit plan. That day, we started to implement it… and it worked!!! Since we started, our daughter has slept all night in her bed by herself. Of course, she’s woken up here and there, she’s needed help falling asleep, and we’ve had to ween her off needing us. There’s still more work to do, but the plan was built to be a slow and steady transition and it’s working miracles that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own. We’ve been able to sleep better than ever with uninterrupted nights, quiet time in the evenings, and more space than we knew our bed even had!

We can’t recommend Little Dreamers enough and have already referred all our struggling parent friends.

Don’t think about it. Just do it. You’ll be immensely glad you did.

9 Month Old

Lauren Pace

I was at the breaking point with my 9 month old. Finally I took the plunge and decided to sleep train. I was carefully walked through different options and she helped me to change his nap and wake times so that there would be as little resistance to sleeping in his crib as possible. I wish we did this sooner. One night and he went from waking 5-6 times to eat. To 8-8 in his crib, waking up 2 times to eat. Every single night since (2 weeks) he's slept 12 hours with 1-2 feedings. Amazing!

5 Year Old with Night Terrors

Emily Jones

I have nothing but good things to say about the services I received from Little Dreamers. My 5 year old has struggled to sleep well her whole life and the advice I received was spot on for her needs and has really helped me to unlock the happy child that was missing from our family because of her lack of sleep. I am so happy to say, we haven't had night terrors since following your advice and we're going to bed earlier and with less drama. Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!! I'm so grateful for your knowledge!

15 Minute Success

Kate Stringham

I seriously can't thank you enough! Ever since the 15 minute free phone call consultation, my baby has been sleeping so good!! True story; one day I was struggling with my son taking 20 minute naps, and then after our free 15 minute consultation I put my son down, following your advice... and BAM!!! He slept an hour and a half!! And that was my first time trying all of the suggestions! This success comes after about a week and a half of trying and trying to lengthen out his naps on my own with cry it out to no avail! Now he sleeps like a champ! Thank you so much!! I recommend you to everyone I know!!

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