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Is a Baby Sleep Consultant Right for You?

At some point, whether you plan to or not, everyone sleep trains their child. At least, I have not met anyone whose mother still shows up every night to rock their 30-year-old son to bed. The real question is when and how? Some parents are very pro-active in their choice to sleep train and to do it early and intentionally, while others sleep train in a moment of desperation and exhaustion as a last resort. Still, others wait until their child is well into her toddler years before they help their child learn how to fall asleep without their assistance.

A common misconception in our society is that sleep training means letting your child “cry it out.’” In truth, you can sleep train your child without ever letting them cry. Naturally, when sleep training is done with no or little crying it will often take much longer. Remember, sleep training does not equal crying. Crying can definitely occur while sleep training. But the definition of sleep training needs to shift in our minds to mean helping babies and toddlers learn how to fall asleep unassisted. How much crying is completely up to the parents and what they feel comfortable with. There is absolutely no reason to procrastinate sleep training your child. There are so many tools you can start right now (yes, tonight!) to help your child gradually make the shift.

When you choose help through sleep consulting, you are hiring an expert in baby and child sleep. Taking all that knowledge into account, she will formulate a plan for your sleep needs that you feel 100% comfortable with. You are not only paying for their vast understanding on sleep but also how to apply that knowledge to your specific situation. I cannot even count how much time I have spent learning about baby sleep. It is exhausting to even think about. You are already exhausted. Do yourself a favor, and let me take care of this!

Even with all the research I did to sleep train my twins (you can read the full story here), I still had questions throughout the process. Seemingly simple questions, like “What do I do if my child wouldn’t sleep at all for her first nap?” can keep your anxiety high. You may even have a major curve ball thrown in your direction, like an illness or perhaps a upcoming travel plans, where you think sleeping training would be completely out of the question at this time. Again, that’s why I am here! I will answer any questions and share my expert opinion on what will work! Having someone to go to that will answer your questions, verify the next step, or guide you in those crazy situations is priceless. Trust me when I say success and failure can depend on the smallest of circumstances. I promise your anxiety will drop 10-fold when you have someone else calling the shots in your moments of confusion.

In conclusion, if sleep is important to you, if your worry and anxiety are at all time high, or if you are too exhausted to think straight then hiring a Sleep Consultant might be the right choice for you! I guarantee it! If you are still on the fence contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation to help you choose the right sleep package for you, otherwise check our my sleep packages here.


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