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4-5 Month Sleep Guide

This sleep training plan is designed for babies who are 16 weeks adjusted, are sleeping in their own room (with their pediatrician's approval) and are ready to learn how to fall asleep independently without swaddle, binky, or other sleep aides. This sleep training guide offers three different sleep trainig methods. There is a No Check Method, Check & Console Method, and a Pick Up/Put Down Method. Depending on the sleep training method you choose you will see nightime sleep improve within 1-3 nights for a No Check Method and up to 10 days for the Pick Up/Put Down Method.  Naps generally come togther after nightime sleep can could take 2+ weeks to work through. With this plan your baby will be able to fall asleep quickly and independently for 3-4 naps throughout the day, as well as sleep 11-13 hours at night with 0-2 feedings, depending on your goals and approval from your pediatrician.


Your Plan Includes:


  • Developmentally appropriate sleep goals for the specified age range 
  • Creating the perfect sleep environment that will actually improve sleep 
  • The perfect bedtime routine and how to keep it efficient but effective 
  • Transitioning out of the swaddle 
  • Understanding sleep needs for your baby and how to keep your baby well rested 
  • Sample four month schedule with principles to customize the schedule for your baby 
  • Sample five month schedule with principles to customize the schedule for your baby
  • Detailed guidelines for executing the chosen sleep training method as well as troubleshooting guidelines for short naps 
  • How to eliminate early morning wakeups
  • Weaning an undesired night feedings
  • Tuning into sleep cues to time naps perfectly 
  • Outlining appropriate expectations for the sleep traininig experience 
  • Sleep tracking form 
  • Favorite Sleep Prodcucts


If you follow the plan with consistency and are not seeing improvement in the time outlined above then it is likely there is somethng else going on for your child to prevent good sleep. At that point, I would encourage you to schedule a 60 minute consultation, that includes an in-depth intake form to assess for the possibility of underlying issues. This consultation will be discounted by the price paid for this sleep plan from the normal $140 fee. To proceed you would send me an email at sending a screen shot of your receipt, your sleep tracker, and a brief discription of your experience and how your child is responding and I will email you an invoice and a link to schedule your consultation. The email must be received within a month of purchasing this specific sleep plan. 

4-5 Month Sleep Guide

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