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Why won't my baby sleep?

Besides helping families sleep, you may find me cooking and

eating, reading, and spending simple moments with my family. 

Hi, I'm Marietta!

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Little Dreamers baby sleep consulting. I am passionate about helping families, especially mothers, get the sleep they need to be healthy and thriving for their family in every way. 

While navigating sleep with four littles of my own, including twins, I learned how our world quickly crumbles when the basic need of sleep isn't met. Now it is my mission to help every family sleep better and feel better!

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Ready to Start Sleeping?
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Understand 
  • Attachment Focused
  • Long Night Stretches
  • Minimize Crying
  • No-Cry Solution 

What Clients Say

"We talked to Little Dreamers and she worked out a plan that specifically matched our daughters needs... Now We've been able to sleep better than ever with uninterrupted night, quiet time in the evening, and more space than we knew our bed even had!"                                             -Brad and Jimena

"When my baby goes to bed he falls asleep on his own for every nap and bedtime. Little dreamers helped me be a better mom and better wife because  I am now getting the sleep I need to function and be present when he is awake!"                                                                              -Otto and McKall 

...Little Dreamers knows her stuff! And she is willing to put in the work and time necessary to help you get the sleep you need so that you both love AND like your little one! Life is so much better now...                                       -Blake and Brynne

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Better Sleep

Starts at Birth

Request your free guide to sleep better with your newborn (0-16 weeks). In this straight forward concise sleep guide I will help you know how to meet your little dreamer's sleep needs. You will learn how your baby is telling you he/she is ready to sleep and the best tools out there to help your little dreamer sleep well. But don't stop there! My newborn course will teach you how attachment plays into good sleep, and how to get the longest possible stretch of sleep at night for your specific baby!

If sleep with your newborn is your top priority look no further...

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