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Purchase the course now and begin your 5 month membership, that will gain you access to the course, when you are ready! 


Course Includes:

  • 5 month access to the Newborn Sleep Video Course.
  • Workbook highlighting course to keep forever (40pg).
  • Updates Included in 5 Month Window.
  • 30 min one-on-one consult to use through 16 weeks of age.
  • 60 min consultation at time of sleep training.
  • Sleep Training Guide of your choice when ready to sleep train.
  • Two weeks of text support while implementing the sleep training guide.

Exhausted Mama, No More! Newborn Sleep Course Bundle

  • Use the links in the download to activate your account, access the course, scehdule your consult, and find your code to purchase your sleep training guide, and schedule your two weeks of support.