September 5, 2018

The wonderful and dreaded pacifier! I have been lucky, or maybe lazy, and my children have all liked the ones given to us by the hospital and I have literally never bought one. However, I have heard other moms swear by a certain brand. I asked on my Instagram and Faceb...

There are so many trendy products out there right now, claiming to make your baby sleep. But do they really work? Are they necessary? And will they cause sleep regressions later? Before I highlight a few of my favorite and least favorite baby sleep products out on the...

The crib to toddler bed transition can be pretty scary for parents. You are essentially taking away the boundaries that have kept your child in bed. And if done too soon, your child could go from sleeping like a pro to sleeping like a newborn again, with frequent wake...

September 7, 2017

Creating the perfect sleep environment doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, babies only need a few conditions to sleep their best. I recommend these tools whenever I work with parents one on one to sleep train their baby. But these are tools you can begin to use fr...

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How Cry It Out Strengthened My Attachment with My Baby

April 27, 2017

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